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DT Series Catalog:

Tattoo Device - DT-010

Tattoo Device
DT-010 Tattoo Device,tattoo equipment,tattoo machine, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

Magnetic Wave Spot Removal Device - DT-012

Magnetic Wave Spot Removal Device
Magnetic Wave Spot Removal Device,beauty equipment,beauty machine, Spot Removal with Magnetic Wave Hot Treatment, Quick Removal an kinds of Flecks in Epidermis.

Vacuum & Spray equipment - DT-014

Vacuum & Spray equipment
Vacuum & Spray equipment,beauty machine,beauty equipment, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

High Frequency Device - DT-015

High Frequency Device
High Frequency Device,beauty machine,beauty equipment, Net Weight:2KGS, Gross Weight:2.5KGS, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

Galvanic Device - DT-016

Galvanic Device
Galvanic Device,beauty equipment,beauty machine,Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

Brush Set - DT-017

Brush Set
Brush Set,skin care,beauty equipment, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ, Deep Clean Skin, Dead Cuticle Remving, Skin Massager.

Super Photon Penetration Set - DT-018

Super Photon Penetration Set
Super Photon Penetration Set,beauty equipment,beauty machine, Photon Treatment Combines With Supersonic Function, Improves Absorbing Of Nutriment, Improves The Skin Condition.

Skin Drainer - DT-019

Skin Drainer
Skin Drainer(Massage,Ionizing,Heat),beauty equipment, Removal 5.Cell Activated, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V,Toxin Expelling, Face Slimming, Body Sharping, Wrinkle.

Super Skin Scrubber - DT-020

Super Skin Scrubber
Super Skin Scrubber,beauty equipment, Deep Clean Skin, Acne Blackhead Removal, Massage Lymph & Expel Toxin from Lymph.

Super Skin Scrubber - DT-021

Super Skin Scrubber
Photon Hot &cold Massager,beauty equipment,photon Treatment with Hot Massage Can Accelerateblood Circulation, Removal Gore, photon Treatment with Massage Can Calm Down Skin, shrink Pore of Skin.

2In 1 Galvanic+Vacuum & Spray - DT-022

2In 1 Galvanic+Vacuum & Spray
2In 1 Galvanic+Vacuum & Spray,beauty equipment, Vacuum, Spray, Galvanic.

Basic Hair & Skin Analyzer - DM-18E

Basic Hair & Skin Analyzer
Basic Hair & Skin Analyzer( Advanced Model), Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.