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Basic Devices Catalog:

Cold Steamer - D-193B

Cold Steamer
Cold Steamer D-193B Function:1.Calm,2.improve skin,3.Moisture,Dimension: Net Weight/4.5 KGS,Gross Weight/5.7 KGS,Packing Size : 60*60*22 CM,Voltage : 220V-240V / 110-120V,Frequency : 50 HZ / 60 HZ,OEM or ODM order is welcome

Cold Steamer - D-190B

Cold Steamer
Cold Steamer, Calm , Skin , Moisture Frequency:50HZ/60HZ, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V.

High Frequency Device - T-24500

High Frequency Device
High Frequency Device, high frequency, sterilizing, fast wound healing.

Vibrating Supersonic - T-2806-LB

Vibrating Supersonic
Vibrating Supersonic , Vibrating Supersonic Device,skin care Device,beauty equipment.

Vibrating Supersonic - T-2806-LA

Vibrating Supersonic
Smooth face wrinkles,improves the appearance and texture of skin, Eliminate black eye sockets and eye strain, Improve blood circulation and metabolism, Eliminate dust in the pores, restrain formation of melanin, Burn hypodermal fat, slim the face, Increase skin' s resistibility to bacteria.

Mini Supersonic Device - T-2806

Mini Supersonic Device
Mini Supersonic Device,beauty machine,beauty equipment, Voltage:220V-240V/110-120V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

Mini Supersonic Device - MD-806

Mini Supersonic Device
Potable design;Personal beauty be use at home, High quality,ISO9001:2000 approved, OEM or ODM order is welcome,Mini Supersonic Divice can be use in family ,easy to operator, put the serum , white the skin, isture ,and improve the skin.

Beauty Instrument Air Cleaner - DOW-102

Beauty Instrument Air Cleaner
Queen Beauty is one of the top brands in the beauty equipment industry. It represents systematic and professional education for operation, reliable quality and long-term after-sales service. Queen Beauty Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in beauty, hair care and related products.

Double Heads Massager Device - DM-8

Double Heads Massager Device
Double head massger with far infrared ray,Easy to use,good effect at health care, Welcome to buy it for yourself or your family.

Parrafin Wax Warmer - D-632

Parrafin Wax Warmer
The honey wax contains abundant vitamin C.E.D,and hydrolysis aollagens . The soft and graceful wax membrane can make the skin slip and softly. The honey wax is suit to the dry shin and wrinkle skin.

Wax Warmer(Double) - D-622

Wax Warmer(Double)
Honey Wax contains rich Vitamin C.E.D. Treats the skin with care and makes it smooth and shining. It can be used to protect your face and is an ideal way to protect your skin of neck,hands,feet and even the whole body.

Wax Warmer(Single) - D-612

Wax Warmer(Single)
Wax Warmer(Single), CE+ISO9001:200 approved; High quality, Double or single wax heater,contain 1000ml or 500ml , EM or ODM order is welcome.

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